Tuesday, 1 April 2014

REVIEW - Primark's P.S. Love Felt Eye Liner Pen.

I'm on a bit of a strict budget at the moment, so any makeup or skin care top ups that I've needed I've had to reluctantly get from Primark. Yeah, not exactly skin care/makeup capital of the world, but they've been getting some nice little bits in lately and I'm actually liking using them. Shocker. The latest product I bought from them was the P.S.Love Felt Tip Eye Liner Pen. 

Not being the best at applying eyeliner, I've stuck to using Collection 2000's Extreme Felt Tip Liner pen this past year because I can kinda, sorta use it okay-ish. Meaning I can apply a thin line across my right lashes without smudging it and then spend 20 minutes trying to get my left eye looking a bit similar. Which is the best I've achieved, so felt tip liners are definitely my favourite eyeliners.

The pen is really easy to use and apply. It can do quick, thin lines or bold, dark lines, whichever is your style. I quite like the thin line with a thicker end....it's kinda my version of the 'cat-eye', only bad. The liquid does come out a bit thick at times, but after a few shakes it seems to calm down. I'm not really sure about the staying power on this though. I applied it several hours ago and it has transferred onto my top lid quite a bit, but I didn't apply any powder over it, so whether that would help, I don't know. I'll have to test it tomorrow.

But all in all, I quite like this pen and for £1.50 it's worth a whirl, even if you end up hating it. £1.50 is the perfect price for a budget liner and I can't complain.

Have you tried any of P.S.Love's products?
Laura x

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